so dim cover 300x300 BRAIN F≠   So Dim 7

This gem of a 7″ comes to us from Grave Mistake Records. This is the band’s second 7″ single with their previous one being on Static Shock Records in the UK. This was my first introduction to this band and I was instantly reminded of X-Ray Spex and Kim Gordon’s side project, Free Kitten. This 7″ is now in my regular rotation and is quickly becoming a favorite spin. The songs are quick, raw and full of energy. This is the first must have 7″ of 2011. The record comes with a digital download card so that you can enjoy this on the go as well, which you will want to do. Pick this 7″ up and don’t look back.

Rating: star BRAIN F≠   So Dim 7star BRAIN F≠   So Dim 7star BRAIN F≠   So Dim 7star BRAIN F≠   So Dim 7halfstar BRAIN F≠   So Dim 7

genre = punk 

band website = BRAIN F≠ MySpace Page

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