cover1 300x300 SSSSnakes   Kissss Thissss

These guys are super hard to classify into any one genre, but one thing is for sure, this album is great. It has an old Descendants & Dead Milkmen feel to it. The songs are fast paced and have humorous lyrics. Songs about girls being the devil, Donald Trump and other random funny things. Right at this moment you can download this for free or for a name your own price donation on their Bandcamp page. I would highly recommend downloading this and giving it a listen and possibly picking up the record if you can, it is well worth it.

Rating: star SSSSnakes   Kissss Thissssstar SSSSnakes   Kissss Thissssstar SSSSnakes   Kissss Thissssstar SSSSnakes   Kissss Thissssblankstar SSSSnakes   Kissss Thissss

genre = punk, rock

band website =

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