Holy City Zoo EP cover 300x300 Holy City Zoo   (EP)

Holy City Zoo comes to us with this EP from New Brunswick. This is their first release, and it is a great one. They have a sound like Foo Fighters, Fugazi with a tad bit of Weezer in there. I was more strongly reminded of Fugazi than any other band. This is a short EP weighing in at roughly 10 minutes and really left me wanting more, so hopefully a full length is in the works. This is really worth a listen and you can stream a song below, or you can head over to their Bandcamp page and download their entire album.

Stream the song “Kid PK”

Rating: star Holy City Zoo   (EP)star Holy City Zoo   (EP)star Holy City Zoo   (EP)halfstar Holy City Zoo   (EP)blankstar Holy City Zoo   (EP)

genre = rock, alternative

band website = Holy City Zoo’s Bandcamp Page

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