Frequently Asked Questions:

Will you review our CD/Record/DVD/Tape/8-Track ?

We will try our best to review your CD/Record/DVD/Tape/8-Track, but sometimes we do get behind and it takes a little longer. Email us at reviews@foolios.com with any questions.

Can we just send it to you via digital download?

If you have put out a CD/Record/Tape we would prefer the physical media. If you are an online presence only artist please email us at reviews@foolios.com for additional info.

You gave us a shitty review and I want to kick your ass!

This is more of a comment then a question, but we are sorry. We realize that we can not please everyone all of the time. We are sorry  you are unhappy with our review. If you want you can send us a new album that makes you sound better and maybe it will get a better review.

How many albums do you review in a week?

We try to get through everything in the stack. Some weeks we have more then other weeks. We try to listen to everything a couple of times before doing a review on it so some weeks there are more then others.

You reviewed our album, but I never sent it to you?

We also review new albums that we purchase online and at stores.

Can you send me free stuff?

Sure can!! Email us at reviews@foolios.com for our physical mailing address so you can send us cool stuff. We look forward to getting it.

P.S. I am a certified sticker whore….send me some….

What happened to the old page and content?

We changed hosts and didn’t have a backup of the MySQL database. We rebuilt and just started over. We now backup our databases.