The Blank Fight – House Band Feud LP

The Blank Fight….What can I really say about them that will do them justice? Although very short lived, their influence on punk music is apparent to this day. The band features Aaron Cometbus, Cindy Ovenrack, Skott Cowgill & Rymodee. All members of the band are/were in different bands that got together in a punk house and practiced and toured in an effort to win a house band contest. I would say they would have won if any of the other houses had bothered to go against them. This album is long overdue and kicks serious ass. Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club did an¬†extraordinary¬†job on the execution of this record. The first 500 come on clear vinyl with a zine and MP3 download code. This album is a must have for any serious punk fan.

Rating: ★★★★½

genre – punk

band webpage – Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club Webpage

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