Yellowgoat – Pentagrammaton Slap Bracelet


Yellowgoat is Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust. With the purchase of a slap bracelet, you get a download code for the Pentagrammaton single and a square button. The music itself is thrashy speed metal and very gritty and kick ass. It is very reminiscent of the thrash/speed metal of the late 80s and I say that in a good way. This single kicks ass, but it leaves you wanting so much more. With a price above what a 7″ costs, $6.66, it would have been nice to get more then a novelty bracelet and a button. All in all, if you need to have it, buy it, otherwise you can stream it for free online at the link below.

Rating: ★★★★☆

genre – hardcore, thrash

band website:






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